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Herbalism is a form of medicine that uses plants for the purposes of healing.

Herbalism can be used for essentially all human disease, and conditions. It stretches as far as cancer treatment, to mental health conditions, fertility, and topical cuts and wounds. 

When an individual heals themselves with plant medicine, not only does it help heal the physical condition, but it also helps to realign them which is an empowering process. Whenever someone uses this medicine they begin to heal on a multidimensional level, such as physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and they even help to heal their ancestral lineage. When humans ingest plants, we are not just absorbing the anti-inflammatory properties, or a specific vitamin, we are ingesting the entire plant, which means we are ingesting the energy and essence of the plant which creates space for multidimensional healing to occur.

Every plant has an affinity to specific organs.

Every plant has a personality.

Every plant holds a specific energy; hot, cold, damp, or dry.

Every plant has the power “ teach us. They take us to the heart and soul of Mother Earth.” - Rosemary Gladstar.

If you are someone who is dealing with a health condition and you are interested in using plant medicine to help you on your healing journey, keep in touch to learn more about how the plants can help you get your power back. 

Remedies for 1-on-1 Clients

Women’s Health • Fertility • Hormonal Balancing • Gut Health • Skin Health • Pain Management • Lymphatic Support

Heal with Jessica

The benefits of working with a Clinical Herbalist is that you will be able to work towards a treatment plan or preventive plan using herbal medicine. All medicine created for you will be personalized based on your individualized health concerns and needs. Working with a herbalist will help you gain your power back through the help of the plant allies. When we heal with plant medicine, we are building the foundational blocks towards great health and wellbeing.

Digestion • Infections • Detoxification • Liver Support • Circulation • Brain Health



"I was interested in seeing Jessica because … I was getting sick a lot, and had digestive and skin problems. It felt to me that I needed some help because my body just wasn’t functioning properly. Jessica has prescribed me an immunity boosting tincture and syrup for 3 months so we can lay the groundwork for my health… I woke up last weekend feeling sickly. Burning scratchy throat, a bit of achiness… I knew immediately I needed to start on my medicine and started on Sunday. In 2-3 days I felt relief from the extreme tiredness and vivid sickness symptoms. By Friday I felt fine… I felt my body working to fight off whatever it was and actually winning! I am very excited to see the results once I’ve taken it for the prescribed period of time and look forward to continue working with Jessica.

It’s worth noting that I very much enjoyed my initial consultation with Jessica. The depth of questions that she asks, the connections that she makes. It was incredible to have a practitioner dive so deep into the story of my health and how I function. To feel the care with which Jessica approaches the process of the consultation is really amazing. And the love and care with which she prepares the medicine can be felt too and it’s incredible. Thank you so much Jessica 🙏"

—Natalia L

"I suffer stomach issues and tend to bloat after any meal I eat. Jessica magically created a mix of bitters that I spray on my tongue before I eat and it has done wonders. I’m literally not as bloated after I eat! I highly recommend Jessica. She's truly an angel on earth and very talented in what she does! I’ve also seen a huge difference in my skin since I started with her! My skin is very glowy and there are no breakouts!! She’s amazing"

Giovanna T

"When Jess told me that she was starting to make herbal medicine I was super excited because of how knowledgeable she is and also my own love for plants and medicinal herbs. She went very in depth with me about my medical, emotional/spiritual state and history before deciding what herbs and plants would work for my specific lymphatic issues. I have lymph blockages in several areas, primarily my neck. The blends have been perfect and I feel really good taking everything especially knowing that it is 100% natural (Yes it will taste like herbs). I can feel and see my body cleansing itself and getting rid of toxins throughout taking my tinctures (literally). So far, my main swollen lymph node has had a decrease in size and we are not even done the course of the herbal tinctures. She has been super helpful and supportive when I have questions about the medicine and need guidance. I'm very grateful for the extra love and care she puts into her product. Can’t wait to try my next tincture blend!"


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