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Herbal Medicine + Skincare

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Natural Products

Women’s Health • Fertility • Hormonal Balancing • Gut Health • Skin Health • Pain Management • Lymphatic Support

1-on-1 Consultations


Booking a consultation will give you the opportunity to explain your health concerns. It will also allow me to learn more about you, your body, and your constitution so that I can develop a herbal formula catered to your specific needs. 

Digestion • Infections • Detoxification • Liver Support • Circulation • Brain Health

Realign with Nature

Herbalism is the practice using medical plants for the purposes of physical and therapeutic healing. As a Clinical Herbalist, I work with clients to heal the root cause of their condition rather than the symptoms. Therefore, herbalism is not a “quick fix” as the herbs need time to realign the body and your cells. 

Custom Products

Is there a certain product you would like me to create for you? Let’s discuss ingredients and customization together.


"When Jess told me that she was starting to make herbal medicine I was super excited because of how knowledgeable she is and also my own love for plants and medicinal herbs. She went very in depth with me about my medical, emotional/spiritual state and history before deciding what herbs and plants would work for my specific lymphatic issues. I have lymph blockages in several areas, primarily my neck. The blends have been perfect and I feel really good taking everything especially knowing that it is 100% natural (Yes it will taste like herbs). I can feel and see my body cleansing itself and getting rid of toxins throughout taking my tinctures (literally). So far, my main swollen lymph node has had a decrease in size and we are not even done the course of the herbal tinctures. She has been super helpful and supportive when I have questions about the medicine and need guidance. I'm very grateful for the extra love and care she puts into her product. Can’t wait to try my next tincture blend!"


"Thank you Jessica for your help and supporting me with this Journey ! You are so knowledgeable and thank you for answering all my questions! You Rock!"

—Anna C

“As a holistic nutritionist myself I understand the importance of using high quality ingredients when it comes to what I put on, or in my body, but when you couple high quality ingredients with knowledge, passion and respect for plant medicine you get exactly what authentica by Jessica embodies with her creations. Currently using her lymphatic medicine and I feel so good using it, knowing it was infused  with such healing intention …I’ve used many herbal products and love each of them so much, and I can see and feel the difference which is the most important” 


"I suffer stomach issues and tend to bloat after any meal I eat. Jessica magically created a mix of bitters that I spray on my tongue before I eat and it has done wonders. I’m literally not as bloated after I eat! I highly recommend Jessica. She's truly an angel on earth and very talented in what she does! I’ve also seen a huge difference in my skin since I started with her! My skin is very glowy and there are no breakouts!! She’s amazing"

Giovanna T